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When published the following text is to be used:
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For copyright issues in the US, we refer to the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988.
For copyright issues in Europe (even outside of the EU), we refer to general EU legislation / Copyright Laws.

In short, copyright laws in general states that whoever is the creator of an illustration, own the copyright which subsists in it. The owner (TMRW) can give permission to individuals or companies to reproduce the illustration which is known commonly in the illustration trade as giving a licence. Our licence arrangement says that whoever hire us to do the illustrations can use the images for marketing the project in question or the company in general for as many times and for as long they would like. Our client can however, not grant license to any 3rd party without written consent from TMRW.
The copyright act also states that TMRW has the right to be identified as the author of our illustrations. This right must be asserted in writing and should be included on any copyright, assignment or licence to reproduce or other written contract.

We have a right to object to derogatory treatment of our illustration. This means we have a right to object if our illustration has been adapted, altered, added to or deleted from.