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Parkway is all about community. With its bustling cafés and curated eateries, it’s to become a gathering point for all downtowners in Surrey. Add a variety of co-working spaces, a playing court, games lounge, gym, spa, and a private rooftop club — no wonder the homes of the first building sold out in days.

About Parkway: A condo development in Surrey, British Columbia, developed by Bluesky Properties, a division of Bosa Family Companies. Visualized by TMRW.

Architectural visualization of Parkway for Bosa, a semi-areal view of a civic area in the evening light.

The team’s perspective:

”Parkway is so much more than just fancy homes. It’s about creating an entirely new community for young people in Surrey. So many great ideas are put into this, and I believe it will become a really cool place to live.”

— Jonas Karlsson, Visual Artist at TMRW

A busy marketplace inspires the Parkway day-to-day life shown in this image.
Architectural visualization of Parkway for Bosa, some people sitting by a large table during the evening.
A natural sense of community and comradeship is one of the hardest things to visualize. This one shows three friends relaxing and having a good time.
Architectural visualization of Parkway for Bosa, some people hanging out on a sofa in front of a cozy fire during the evening.

The client’s perspective:

”The team at TMRW is amazing. Even if the timeline is crazy ridiculous, they deliver on time. And the result is always better than expected. I feel like you did the most amount of work in the least amount of time than any other partner I worked with.”

— Jason Wong, Brand Director at Bluesky Properties

a reception desk in a lobby environment in daylight.
A modern community loaded with opportunities. Every detail, from people’s haircuts and behaviors to paintings, was carefully designed to communicate the Parkway vibe.
Architectural visualization of Parkway for Bosa, some people play billiards in a public setting during the evening.
At Parkway, you can go from work time to playtime in no time. This scene takes place at the games lounge on a regular weekday evening.
Architectural visualization of Parkway for Bosa, a group of people working with laptops in a lobby area in the daylight.
A group of young people hanging out in the lobby showcasing one of several flexible work spots available.

Good ideas deserve outstanding visualizations