Architectural visualization of Hudon Yards for foster & Partner, an office building in evening from an interior view.

SpaceWalk a Virtual Tour Platform

Make your vision come alive through an immersive virtual tour.

People’s expectations of digital services are becoming increasingly higher. With SpaceWalk we’re introducing a new way for you as an architect or developer to create stunning virtual tours and invite others to explore your project.

Developed together with some of the industry-leading real estate companies this is a platform optimized for real-world scenarios.

Here is a 2 min walkthrough video.
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SpaceWalk Commercial

SpaceWalk Residential

Finally. Let’s dive into the specifics.

  • Runs smoothly on every device with a web browser, including mobile.
  • Switch between different design options with a click (e.g. different interiors).
  • Adjust the time of the day and explore various lightings.
  • Easy to share — just send a link.
  • Intuitive navigation.
  • Responsive design.
  • The size of the tour is scalable.

Last but not least.
The Q&A section.

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