OpenHouse puts the power of immersive, interactive digital storytelling in your sales team’s hands. The only product of its kind, this ground-breaking touch-screen platform makes your unbuilt project feel as real as the world’s most advanced video games. OpenHouse transforms a static sales meeting into a dynamic experience for you and your prospects, helping your sales team close deals faster than ever.

Make people connect, interact, and act

OpenHouse offers a new powerful sales tool that merges the physical and digital selling space to create an emotional experience for your prospects. The innovative technology allows you to place the future under their fingertips — in a way that has not been possible until now.

Powered by game technology

OpenHouse is powered by the leading game engine Unity. This brings you unimaginably high-quality and true-to-life graphics, enabling you to present your project as realistic as the world’s leading AAA video games. Moreover, the customizable interface allows you to fine-tune each icon, slider, and overall look of the work area to suit your preferences.

Your salesperson’s dream tool

Rotate the building, explore the surroundings, reposition the sun in its natural course, make a favorites list of apartments and see them fully furnished. The OpenHouse apartment selector is an attraction of its own, with every floor connected to your CRM/sales system. An experience so magnetic the whole family will love it.

Dig into the specifics:

  • Interactive apartment selector
  • Connected to CRM/sales systems
  • Custom-built user interface
  • Runs on standard hardware
  • Built on Unity
  • Includes floor plans

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