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How to Visualize an Unbelievable Office Building

At The Perennial, you won’t even need to find the elevator to go outside. Each of the 46 floors has its own landscaped outdoor space to help lower tension, anxiety and fatigue. Say hello to another level of staff care!

When presenting a project like no other, its success will always depend on one thing; your ability to make it look and feel real. But how do you showcase a 46-story fantasy tower like The Perennial? To begin with: your visuals better impress.

Welcome to the paradise office

750,000 square feet bursting with native plants and flowers. Walking traces graced with natural sunlight, water flowing over fountains and walls, a 28-foot waterfall, and a 30,000-square-foot large sky garden 200 feet above downtown Austin.

If we told you this could be your new office building, chances are you wouldn’t take our word for it. The Perennial is just one of those places you must see to believe, namely because it has nothing in common with all the regular office glass boxes out there.

”So much of this building is about that human emotion that someone will feel being inside, so, when it came to creating visuals, it was imperative that the images could capture that feeling.”

— Tyler Buckler, Principal at Cielo Property Group

A new idea of a workplace

It was apparent, digging into the image-making process, that getting the right ambiance was a make-it-or-break-it kind of thing. And that the smallest of leaf would be vital. After all, there wasn’t only a unique construction here to communicate, but an entirely new idea of what an office building could be or look like.

”The biggest challenge was to have all the organic materials act and interact naturally. Every plant had to communicate the same thing. And, of course, there was that unique Austin light to capture.”

— Mari-Louis Storm, Project Manager at TMRW
Would you say no to this sipping your morning latte overlooking almost every city landmark? One thing is sure: the view from The Perennial will be totally out there.

And the number of plants visualized in this project must have been some sort of record, considering the impressive collection of 22 images and four virtual SpaceWalk tours crafted and delivered by our artists here at TMRW.

”We worked very closely with the team at Unfettered, and I think our mutual obsession with details helped the images come to life in a beautiful way. In a project like this, there are no shortcuts. We had to create the Perennial experience from scratch.”

— Mari-Louis Storm, Project Manager at TMRW

However, if you (like us) feel this might be the perfect place to check your daily emails, you’ll have to wait patiently until at least 2025. The Perennial is not even to break ground in downtown Austin, Texas, until the end of this summer. Until then, you’ll have to settle with the beautiful visualizations below. Enjoy! 

Take a virtual tour

Biophilic design is a philosophy of incorporating elements from the natural world into our modern structures. Take a SpaceWalk around the Sky Garden and the level below, and you’ll be surprised how seriously that promise is taken.

Want to experience the virtual tour in fullscreen click here.

About The Perennial:

  • Office tower in Austin, Texas
  • Developer: Cielo Property Group
  • Agency: Unfettered
  • A total of 750,000 square feet
  • 46 stories
  • Outdoor spaces on each floor
  • 100,000 square feet of landscaped space
  • Sky-garden 200 feet above downtown
  • Scheduled for completion in 2025
  • Marketing renders by TMRW

Good ideas deserve outstanding visualizations