Lever House

Lever House is New York City’s first all-glass office building. A mid-century vision redesigned for a new era. That promises an office experience beyond today’s highest standards, oozing luxury and flair. But how do you make iconic architecture like this justice? It sure took an amazing team effort to pull this visualization project off. Still, we enjoyed every minute of it.

  • Use: Offices
  • Location: Park Avenue, New York
  • Developer: Brookfield Properties, WatermanClark
  • Architects: SOM, Marmol Radziner
  • The scope: 20 images, 360° Animation, Brand movie
  • Visualizations by: TMRW

Reinventing an icon

As New York City’s first all-glass office building, Lever House sure has some golden promises to live up to. Through hyperrealistic renderings, films and 360° animations our job was to bring new life into Lever House. But with every element paying homage to its rich history.

Situated on prestigious Park Avenue, Lever House is to offer intimate access to the very core of New York business and commerce.
Setting a new standard for workplace hospitality: The Lever House experience begins when you step in the door, and meets you wherever you are in the building.
The interiors is a mix of custom-made design elements and carefully selected pieces from the extensive TMRW furniture library.
The epitome of a New York City office. Where every desk, no matter its position, will experience stunning natural light and Park Avenue views.
To get the look authentic: Each marble tile covering the walls and floors of the bar area was designed individually by the TMRW team.

”An office at Lever House is more than just an address on Park Avenue — it’s a statement. A tenant experience beyond today’s modern standards.”

The Lever House website

Explore the 360° Video Animation

This format seriously pushes the envelope of next-level visualization by fusing the best of two worlds: the powerful storytelling capacity of animated movies with the interactive 360° experience of a virtual tour. Go ahead and try it:

”Visualizing luxury is a delicate task. With walls covered in marble, the thin line between stylish and over-the-top is easily crossed. To strike the perfect balance, material analysis was a vital part of the research process.”

Pawel Mielnik, Team Leader at TMRW

Behind the scenes

The brand animations are made from a mix of 3D visuals and green-screen footage of actors in New York. To ensure the layers would blend perfectly in the end and create a beautiful cinematic experience, it took close cooperation between the director and the TMRW CGI team from start to finish.

Visualizations in context

The website takes us straight into the heart of the Lever House experience with a sophisticated blend of storytelling, hyperrealistic renderings, brand animations and interactive 360° video tours.

Good ideas deserve outstanding visualizations