One Beverly Hills

Picture a $2-billion residential complex defined by undreamed-of luxury. Wrap it in exquisite botanical garden-like beauty and place it in the heart of Los Angeles, next to the hotel where stars gather for the Golden Globe. When you visualize a place like One Beverly Hills: you better make it unforgettable.

  • Use: Mixed-use urban resort
  • Program: 340 units
  • Location: Beverly Hills, California
  • Architect: Foster + Partners
  • Agency: Cain International
  • Visualizations by: TMRW
Architectural visualization of Beverly Hills for Foster & Partners a luxery living area with a waterfall with a pool from an outdoor perspective day light.

“In its beginnings, Beverly Hills was agricultural flat land — a green oasis that fed a growing urbanity. A century later, we have seized on this inspiration to create an organic architecture that merges with landscape.”

— Foster & Partners

”When multi-billion-dollar investments are on the line, high-end renderings have become standard already in the design phase. It’s up to the visuals to secure the approval of neighbors, investors and decision-makers.”

— Mattias Henningsson-Jönsson, Founder and Global Director at TMRW

The ultimate living experience

Get a glimpse of One Beverly Hills: this highly anticipated 17.5-acre campus set out to redefine luxury living in Los Angeles. Upon completion in 2027, its residents will expect a unique living experience surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty and amenities available to the lucky few.

Extraordinary gardens and scenic open spaces: the visuals are carefully designed to transport the audience into a world of natural beauty and tranquility.
Architectural visualization of One Beverly Hills for Foster & Partners. An image of the exterior of a residential building integrated with nature in daylight. With a waterfall infront.
Cascading waterfalls and mirrored pools will offer a watery soundscape and a choreography of dancing light on the reflective surfaces.
Architectural visualization of Beverly Hills for Foster & Partners a luxury building with large balconies from an exterior view day light.
With its curving forms, soft edges, and oversized balconies, the design blurs the line between indoor and outdoor living.
Using collected rainwater and recycled greywater: the extensive One Beverly Hills landscape will be one hundred percent water sustainable.
The two residential towers will be the two tallest buildings in Beverly Hills, providing views from the Pacific Ocean to the mountains beyond the famous Hollywood Hills sign.

The research phase

Convincing a target audience with the highest expectations and means to live wherever they like takes an in-depth understanding of culture and context. The visualization team left no stone unturned to bring the vision to life.

We all got to see it to believe it: It’s our visual designers’ daily job to bring architects’ inner visions to life, regardless of their stage in the creative process.
A lush oasis in the middle of Beverly Hills: This 8-acre haven is dedicated to over 40 tree and 250 plant species from 13 different botanical regions of California.

Good ideas deserve outstanding visualizations