How do you turn a historically rough area into a vibrant new neighborhood — in less than a week — by selling hundreds of exclusive apartments to young millennials? When visualizing Parkway, we knew the experience had to be something else. And its success would come down to the visuals.

  • Use: Condo development
  • Program: 1,600 market condos
  • Location: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
  • Developer: BlueSky Properties by Bosa
  • The scope: 50 renders, 20 SpaceWalks, 24 cinemagraphs
Architectural visualization of Parkway for Bosa, a person working on something to construct something at a workbench.

”The team at TMRW is amazing. Even if the timeline is crazy ridiculous, they deliver on time. And the result is always better than expected. I feel like you did the most amount of work in the least amount of time than any other partner I worked with.”

— Jason Wong, Brand Director at BlueSky Properties, Bosa


Guarded by the North Shore Mountains, Parkway is coming to life. And there’s much more to this new day-to-night neighborhood than perfectly planned homes. Starting with an indoor playing court, a games lounge, various co-working spaces, a fully-equipped gym, a wellness spa, curated eateries and a sky-high rooftop club.

To reflect the cultural diversity distinctive of the area, the mix of looks, haircuts and clothing — even the food on people’s plates — are carefully designed for utmost authenticity.
To create that energizing rush of urban life and community, hundreds of young people were placed in the renderings.
Dressed for success: Clothing and accessories are inspired by Acne, Gucci and other popular brands among wealthy millennials and Gen Z kids around Vancouver.

The research phase

To depict someone’s daily life, you must walk a mile in their shoes. At least on Google Maps. In the research phase, we dig for clues and collect hundreds of references. In this case, primarily films, images and virtual tours of music festivals, cafes, student campuses, skate parks, and other popular gathering spots in the area.

“Because of the shady surroundings, it was vital to present Parkway as a safe and joyful place to live. To avoid any negative feelings associated with darkness, the evening scenes got a moving Blue Hour Lighting, which appears in Canada just before dark. We also worked hard on peoples’ expressions and interactions to strengthen the feeling of friendship.”

— Frej Angelii, Visual Artist at TMRW

Visualizations in context

The goal was to make the Parkway website the most inspiring in the history of new builds. After months of close collaboration with the marketing team, we had a highly interactive site setup mixing renderings, animations and virtual tours with lifestyle images and films — creating an experience rarely seen in real estate.

Explore Parkway on your own:

View the SpaceWalk in fullscreen

Good ideas deserve outstanding visualizations