South Yards

Your home is more than just a building; it’s an extension of yourself. And only by understanding peoples’ unique dreams, needs and preferences can you visualize their perfect place to call home. At South Yards, the key to winning the prospective buyers’ trust was to get to know them by heart.

  • Use: Mixed-use community
  • Location: Brentwood, Burnaby, BC, Canada
  • Program: 2,500 Market Condos and 60,000 sqf retail
  • Developer: Anthem
  • The scope: 30 images
  • Visualizations by: TMRW

Welcome inside the South Yards

When completed, this 8.3-acre master-planned community in Brentwood, Canada, will boast 2,567 homes, ample office space, and a one-acre community park: blending sophisticated, upscale living with urban energy.

The natural lighting flooding the floors creates an intriguing scenery, while the absence of people adds a sense of exclusivity.
In open environments, the lighting, reflections, and carefully chosen objects become the storytellers of the scene.
A testament to the attention to detail throughout the South Yards project: the dog spa.
Not solely about exclusive living: The roof amenity renderings included more people to create a feeling of life and community.

“Every notebook, magazine or pair of glasses tells a story about the person meant to live there and their next-door neighbors. Every detail matters. And every detail in our renderings is there for a reason.”

— Maciej, Design Director at TMRW

Which style are you?

At TMRW, we craft high-end renderings for many purposes. In this case, to let people try the interior alternatives before making a decision. Which bathroom would you go for?

”When visualizing interiors: Personal belongings can help you connect deeply with your audience. However, too much intimacy can create a sense of intrusion, so the balance is essential.”

— Maciej, Design Director at TMRW

The research phase

A personal story from the inside out: The research phase is crucial to the success of any visualization project. In the case of the South Yards, it was all about cultural and contextual understanding.

An atmosphere that’s both bright and cozy: One of the biggest challenges was getting the strokes of morning light on point without overly dark shadows.
A subject of additional research: Visualizing dog spas.

Good ideas deserve outstanding visualizations